In Bid to Become Just Another Seedy Casino, Revel Changes its Name

Part of Revel’s plan for emerging from bankruptcy is to make itself more appealing to chronic and degenerate gamblers who aren’t impressed by bizarre outbursts by Amanda Bynes. So, in addition to an earlier plan to allow smoking indoors, Revel is refunding 100% of all slot-machine losses for the month of July and changing its name from “Revel” to “Revel Hotel-Casino.” It’s new marketing pitch is actually called “Gamblers Wanted.” Which raises the question: Is there anyone who didn’t actually know what Revel was? Was that really the problem?

Sidenote: Developer Bart Blatstein is currently pushing for a Center City casino that, like the old Revel, is focused more on nightlife than on the ritual pissing away of hard-earned paychecks. Perhaps there’s a cautionary tale here about maintaining a Vegas-style operation outside of Vegas.