The 13 Worst Commutes in Philadelphia

A new report devoted exclusively to the misery that is commuting to and from Philadelphia, has broken down the very worst routes out there, based on annual hours “lost” (i.e. spent listening to Talk Radio 1210) and cash wasted on extra fuel costs. Here are the numbers, per driver:

1. I-676 from I-95 to I-76. Wasted: 125 hours, $2,301.

2. PA 611 from the Pennsylvania Turnpike to I-95. Wasted: 125 hours, $2,301.

3. US 422 from US 202 to North of Egypt Road. Wasted: 67 hours, $1,227.

4. I-76 from I-676 to Belmont Ave. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

5. I-95 from Betsy Ross Bridge—Aramingo Ave. to I-676-Spring Garden St. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

6. US 202 from Swedesford Road to PA 401. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

7. US 1 from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) to I-76. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

8. I-76 from Hollow Road to Matsonford Road (West side of I-476 interchange). Wasted: 50 hours, $921.

9. I-76 from Matsonford Road to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Wasted: 50 hours, $921.

10.I-95 from Stewart Ave., to the Delaware state line and portions of I-476 leading to the interchange with I-95. Wasted: 50 hours, $921.

11.I-476 from US 30 to Baltimore Pike. Wasted: 42 hours, $767.

12. US 202 from US 322 to PA 491. Wasted: 42 hours, $767.

13. US 322 from US 1 to I-95. Wasted: 38 hours, $690.

In total, here’s the havoc we’re all wreaking on our checkbooks and biological clocks. Not to mention the crisp, clean air of southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Cost of congestion: $3.4 billion a year, due to lost time and wasted fuel.
  • Galls of fuel wasted: 76 million.
  • Hours stuck in traffic: 156 million.