Cher Releases New Single, Announces She’ll Perform at New York Pride

The East Coast gay population is officially all a twitter.

Sense more of a stirring than what is typical on a Tuesday afternoon in the Gayborhood? Well, fear not, there’s good reason. The gays have been thrown into sure-fire gasp mode today after two major announcements from camp Cher: (1) She “officially” released her new single, “Woman’s World,” which (1a) she will auto-tune sing tonight on the season finale of The Voice and (2) She will be performing at New York Gay Pride on June 30. Queerty reports:

The award-winning legend will perform her new single, as well as a selection of her older hits during the Dance on the Pier. The annual end-of-Pride concert traditionally attracts A-list icons to the stage, with Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and the late Whitney Houston having wowed New York Pride revelers in past years, but a performer of Cher’s stature is certainly in a league of her own.

Three questions: (1) Who’s making last-minute trip plans to New York? and (2) What do you think of the new single? (3) Do you believe in life after love, after love, after love, after love … ?

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