Salon to New York Times: Stop the Santa-Booing Philly References!

Salon, it seems, has decided to get Philly’s back, making fun of the New York Times for all the times it mentions that this is the city that booed Santa Claus. It documents such Times’ references, going back to the 1990s:

Whether it stems from resentment over New York not having invented the cheesesteak or just good old-fashioned hackery, the Grey Lady has consistently referred to Philly as “the city that booed Santa Claus” — and we’re talking twice in the last week. Occasionally, the reference will come up completely out of context, even when the Times isn’t writing about Philadelphia at all. And sometimes, the writer even admits being unable to resist the cliche.

What really scares us about this list? It means they’ll probably still be comparing things to “Portlandia” in 2052.

Perhaps we should change our motto from “the city of brotherly love” to “the city of Santerly boos.”