Supposedly Objective Director Of Major Media Outlet Unabashed Cory Booker Fan

Sunday night, the Inquirer‘s Matt Katz reported that South Jersey power broker George Norcross had endorsed Cory Booker for Senate. That makes sense, given his leanings. Booker, as Norcross put it, is a “new Democrat” willing to spar with labor unions on education reform and fiscal issues. More bizarre, if not exactly surprising, was Norcross’s daughter’s subsequent mini-endorsement of the special election candidate, via Twitter.

It’s one thing for George Norcross–who part-owns the Inquirer, the Daily News, and–to be endorsing political candidates. Whatever his role at Interstate General Media, politics is still his stock-and-trade. Lexie Norcross, by contrast, is Director of Digital Operations at her dad’s company; she’s in charge of In other words: The supposedly neutral chief of the region’s most influential journalistic outlet is cheerleading for a political candidate…backed by her dad…who owns said journalistic outlet. Hmm.