An All-Cat Band Is Performing in Philly and We Thought You Should Know

Here at Philly Mag HQ, we received an email announcing an upcoming performance at the Painted Bride by a troupe of “Acro-Cats.” What is “Acro-Cats”? An all-feline performance art troupe that will delight you by “pushing carts, riding skateboards, rolling barrels, ringing bells, turning on lights, walking tight ropes, jumping through hoops,” and playing in a band. Should this turn out to be an elaborate hoax, please forgive us. If you plan on going–the show runs July 11th-July 14th–don’t say we didn’t warn you about the profound, possibly unsettling weirdness you’ll encounter. Below, Exhibit A:

All things considered, not quite as good as Portlandia’s Catnap.