Just In Time for Pride, 15 LGBTQ Films and TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

What better way to catch a break from the weekend's festivities than by catching a good gay flick?

One thing we can be proud of/thankful for this Pride season is the fact that the film industry has finally figured out how to make a good LGBTQ film. And there are so many more of them to choose from! To pay homage to some of the best offerings from the past decade, Netflix has compiled a “Pride Guide” of 15 LGBTQ movies and TV shows that are available on instant streaming — a good option for the weekend when you stumble home in between parties for a little disco nap.

There are a few mainstreamers on the list, like Brokeback Mountain and Far From Heaven, and some indie offerings that have popped up on Philly screens over the past year (Weekend and Keep the Lights On). One of my favorites is Glee precursor Camp — worth it for powerful Tiffany Taylor solo alone. You can check out the entire list below, with links to each film’s screening page on Netflix. Don’t see something you want to watch? Here’s a link to Netflix’s entire catalog of instant-streaming options in the gay-and-lesbian sub genre.

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