Latest on Building Collapse: 6 Dead, 14 Injured

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The latest on the building collapse at 22nd and Market: Six are dead and 14 are injured. One of those injured, 61-year-old Myra Plekam, was pulled out of the rubble around midnight after being trapped for nearly 13 hours. “Plekam was awake and talking to rescuers, before she was taken to a hospital in critical condition,” according to

As of 8:00 a.m. today, the search for missing bodies appears to be over. The TV trucks at this point outnumber fire trucks, and there are no more ambulances on the scene. Fire and police personnel were seen poking around the back entrance of the now collapsed Salvation Army building, but were no longer combing through the rubble. A police officer in a squad car at 22nd and Ludlow, behind the collapsed buildings, told me that as far as he knows, “the search is over.”

The view from 22nd and Ludlow:

Below, the view from Market Street, which is ghostly quiet this morning. Besides some limited debris removal on 22nd Street, the site is very calm, as police, fire, and media linger about, talking amongst themselves.

22nd and Market, southwest corner: