Doubles Down on Embarrassing Tom Corbett Material

Yesterday on the Philly Post, there was a little intra-staff debate going on about the merits of In one corner was Joel Mathis, arguing that maybe, just maybe, the website was turning a corner. In the other, me, arguing it was worse than ever, particularly with regards to the new column it commissioned from Gov. Tom Corbett. As if to settle the score, the site has just published its second embarrassing softball interview with Corbett in the span of seven days. Here is a still of Maria Papadakis telling the first couple how “charming” they are. Say what you want about the governor’s politics, but it’s probably not best to begin the interview with a blatant falsehood.

Recap: Last week, Corbett was hired to write an unpaid column. Since then, he has produced zero columns, and has run two Q&As with him and his wife. Make up your mind,! Does the governor work for you, or do you work for him?