More Details on the Alleged Penn Flasher, Who Has Now Been Arrested

Last week we brought you the news that a lecturer in Penn’s anthropology department was accused of exposing “his or her genitals in any public place or in any place where others are present.” Now we know who that man is, and a little bit more about what he is accused of doing.

According to PPD, a 21-year-old female reported that in February Bund was looking in her direction while “inappropriately touching himself.”

And then he allegedly did it again a couple months later. He’s been charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness, and harassment. It’s unclear if the woman is affiliated with Penn. His faculty bio page has been removed from Penn’s website but I went digging for some juicy details on his research (he could have been conducting some sort of field experiment, who knows?). But all I found was this, from the Anthropology Department at Columbia, where he appears to have earned his Ph.D.

My research interests include accounts of complex labor under conditions of putative neoliberalism, the relationship between the Chinese State and its citizens in the context of high-technology development, and the modes of transnational citationality which shape those spaces (like software parks) designed to foster innovation.

No clues yet, but we’ll keep searching. [DP]