DeSean Jackson Tweeted About Smoking Pot. Then He Deleted It.

According to Spike Eskin: DeSean Jackson tweeted this last week:

“I’m high on life. Or pot. Ok, it’s just the pot. Hahaha. haha. ha. [expletive]”

And then he erased it. And then issued this explanation.

I’m talking about Jaccpot [his record label]. Two C’s, two C’s to the p-o-t, that’s the pot so, as far as anything else, I’m a role model, I look up to people that’s doing the right things, and I want people to look up to me in the same way. You know, kids and the whole nine. So, you know that clarifies me, two C’s, and the pot is J-A-C-C-P-O-T that’s Jaccpot, so that clarifies it.

Smooth recovery, dude. [CBS 3]