Playdar: 6 New Songs to Fall in Love with Right Now

This week, G Philly's resident DJ shares his favorite tunes of the moment.

Every Friday, G Philly resident DJ Patrick DeMarco mixes a roundup of tunes to take you into the weekend. This week, he shares some of his newest favorites.

When I started putting together this week’s list, it made me think about how my tastes have changed over time. My love for music started way back in the late ’80s, when I would listen to Casey Kasem and the American Top 40. Each week, I would follow the countdown, record it in a notebook and try to predict where the songs would land on the list the next week. Over time, I like to think that helped me hone my good-music-picking skills. With the songs this week, you will find a mixed bag of genres that have influenced me over the years — from  soul and club to pop and rock.

Before you start listening, I want to take a second to say thanks for checking out my column. I am touched by the positive responses I’ve been getting, and am honored to be putting out music for everyone to enjoy! Also, starting this week, you can click the link on each song to access the single on Amazon.

1. “Without Me” by Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott

2. “Looks Good with Trouble” by Solange featuring Kendrick Lamar

3. “Come & Get It” (Cahill Club Mix) by Selena Gomez

4. “Something Goin’ On” by Miguel Puente

5. “Cinderella” by Diana Vickers

6. “Rebel Beat” by Goo Goo Dolls