Playdar: Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Bring Ya to the Brink’ Deserves Another Listen

The album plays like a vicious night at the club while retaining that heartfelt Cyndi we've grown to love.

Now that Cyndi Lauper is making headlines for the whopping 13 Tony nominations she received for Kinky Boots, I thought I’d use the opportunity to shine a light on her sadly under-appreciated 2008 album, Bring Ya to the Brink. Each song on the  12-track work is a wonderful slice of dancefloor heaven that is perfect for all you disco-ball chasers out there. Think of it as two-parts Woody’s dancefloor, two-parts late-night hookup and all-parts perfect grooves while you’re crusing, er, working out at 12th Street Gym.

The fun begins at track 1, with “High and Mighty,” and continues to play like a perfect night out: “Into The Nightlife” and “Give It Up” are best for those special nights when you’re in the mood to rip off your shirt and dance like nobody’s watching. And thunderous anthems “Same Ol Story” and “Raging Storm” bring out your inner soul diva when you need her most. But what I really love most about this album is that beneath the lashes and glitter, Cyndi retains that enlightened sense of heart we love her for. The tracks “Lay Me Down” and “Lyfe” reveal raw and personal lyrics about the struggle of navigating life. On the former, she sings, “Little one, I take your hand/ And wonder, how I’m gonna help ya be a man/ And how I’ll help ya understand.” The closing number, “Rain On Me“, is reminiscent of  She’s So Unusualera Cyndi with its undeniable “Time After Time“-like qualities. It’s the perfect way to catch your breath after such a dizzying set.

I’ve attached some of my favorite tracks from the album below. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

1. “High and Mighty”

2. “Into the Nightlife”

3. “Lay Me Down”

4. “Rocking Chair”

5. “Lyfe”

6. “Same Ol’ Story”

7. “Sex is in the Heel” (Danny Verde Remix)

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