5 Fun Gay Facts About New Marriage Equality State, Minnesota

Who knew Minnesota had such a flaming gay history? Here, five gay tidbits that you may not have known about the North Star State.

Rainbow over Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota.

What a month for marriage equality! Last night, the Minnesota Senate gave final approval on a bill that will make it the 12th state in the nation to  legalize same-sex nuptials. It will become official tonight, when Governor Mark Dayton signs it into law.

For those of you scratching your head over how in the world Minnesota managed to score marriage equality before we did, you may be surprised to learn that the state has quite a colorful gay history. Here are five fun LGBTQ facts that you may not know about The North Star State:

1. There’s a bridge in St. Paul named “Freedom to Marry Bridge” — or at least there is until May 17. Yesterday, the mayor of the city, Chris Coleman, announced he will temporarily change the name of Wabasha Street Bridge to support marriage equality and exemplify St. Paul’s “long history of fighting for civil and human rights for all people.”

2. The Advocate recently  named St. Paul’s twin city, Minneapolis, one of the “Gayest Cities in America,” thanks to its huge gay population — the fourth largest in the nation — and, ahem, the city’s hot gay rugby team didn’t hurt.

3. Everyone knows about the Mall of America, but, in Minneapolis, there is a mall of gay clubs, too. Open since the 1920s, Gay 90s boasts six bars and, instead of a cute carousel out front, they have “Dick,” a gigantic golden phallus that you can pop a quarter in and ride like a bucking bronco. Follow Dick on Twitter @Golden_Boner.

4. Minnesotans love gay porn. A recent database compiled by PornMD showed that “lesbian” was one of the top-10 porn searches in the state. And who could forget the scandal that erupted in 2010 when former Senator Paul Koering admitted wining and dining gay adult film star Brandon Wilde.

5. In 1922, in the town of Grand Rapids, one of the world’s biggest gay icons was born. Her momma named her Frances Ethel Gumm, but we all know her as Judy.

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