State GOP Demands to Know What the Hell Joe Sestak Is Up To

Joe Sestak has raised a lot of money in the past couple months. Nearly $500,000 of I’m running for something money, in fact. But he’s not saying exactly what he plans on doing with it. Governor? Senator? The Pennsylvania Republican Party says he’s violating the law by not telling.

Sestak’s strategic vagueness is illegal, according to the Pennsylvania Republican Party, which has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission arguing that since Sestak has raised more than $5,000 in his federal campaign account, he must file a statement of candidacy that describes the office he is seeking.

I don’t think WarChestGate is going to bring down Sestak but I wholeheartedly agree with this suit, if only because it might help us figure out what in the Lord’s name Sestak is planning to do with his riches. Besides Admiral of MSNBC, that is. [Inquirer]