Eastern PA University to Allow Guns On Campus

Yes, that’s right. Eastern PA, not Western PA. Stereotypes be damned, Kutztown University is allowing gun owners with “compelling” personal safety rationale to bring their arms onto campus.

The revision, which took effect April 19, replaces a blanket prohibition of weapons on university premises with a policy allowing people with proper permits to carry weapons outside of buildings and events — in other words, on campus paths and grassy quads. But they need permission from campus police to bring weapons into academic buildings, dorms, dining halls or to events.

The Kutztown-based Raging Chicken Press, which broke the story, was none too pleased. A university spokesman, meanwhile, said the school was worried that its blanket ban on guns wasn’t constitutional. All 14 state schools were encouraged to alter such blanket prohibitions by the State System and the Corbett administration’s Office of General Counsel. [Morning Call]