’s Racist Commenters Take Aim At Lurie’s New Wife

It’s hard to say when the racism of commenters crosses a line into actually being news, but’s own blogger, John Featherman—otherwise known as a perennially losing GOP candidate for local offices—decided to take offense at the racially charged commentary surrounding Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and and his new wife, Tina Lai, who is of Vietnamese heritage. Featherman’s wife is Japanese, and he took some of the taunts personally:

Before decided to pull the plug on comments about 7:30 p.m. last night, a few other choiceslurs came out. For those that remember 2 Live Crew’s song “Me So Horny,” one reader wrote, “She had him at ‘me love you long time.’”

There were other inappropriate remarks that were posted – most of which were low-class, gold-digging comments.

At least in this case had the good sense to disable commenting. Other news web sites and blogs, including Crossing Broad and Bleeding Green Nation published some pretty awful comments, some implying that Vietnamese eat dogs and others mentioning “happy endings.”

I guess it’s okay to say someone’s wife is a whore as long as you’re cloaked behind a pseudonym on the Internet. When I grew up, I learned in the schoolyard sandbox that you don’t call people names without repercussions.

Nobody should be surprised, though: It’s! We all know how this works  by now! And while the site may have shut down comments on the original Lurie story, there are 143 comments on Featherman’s blog at this count—many of them defending the original insults and even compounding them. You know what they say: When God closes a door (to racist commenters) he opens a window (to racist commenters.)