Meet the Sixers’ New Farm Team, the Delaware ’87ers

Now taking bets on how long this tongue-twister of a team name lasts. The Sixers have purchased their very own D-League team (the minor league of basketball) and will plop it down in Newark, Delaware at the University of Delaware. Because “Hens” was already taken and “Tax Havens” didn’t focus group well, the team’s name will be called the ’87ers, after the date that Delaware ratified the U.S. Constitution. (They were, of course, the first state to do so.) In order to reduce confusion and aggravation, the team will go by “Sevens” for short. 11, 10, 9, eighty-sevens! Sing it with me now!

Side note: As Crossing Broad notes, the sheer amount of Delaware politicians quoted in the news release accompanying the story is staggering and is an indication of just how sports-starved the state is.

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