Photos: A Men’s Guide to Finding the Best Swimsuit For Your Body

A fun-but-practical guide to buying the best swimsuit for your body type.

Last week, I shared a list of the 10 best gay beaches in the world, which included sparkly shores from Fire Island to Tel Aviv to Cape Town, South Africa. Hopefully that helps make your 2013 summer-travel planning a little easier, but with beach plans comes an even bigger question: What are you going to be shaking your man biscuits in while frolicking around on that gay-populated sand?

Queerty has put together a fun-but-practical guide to help men choose the best swimsuits for their body types. Below, I break down a  few of their tips and tricks. You can check out Queerty’s entire list, here.

1. Tall Guys: You can actually pull off board shorts (if you really want to)

2. The Average Height’d: Look for trunks that don’t go any further down than mid-thigh

3. Short Men: Short shorts will elongate those legs (and that package!)

4. Men with a Swimmers Build: Let’s face it, you’d look great in anything, but wear a pair of Speedos, please

5. Mr. Ab-licious: Make a statement in a wrestler-type vintage bathing suit (because your stomach muscles will show no matter what)

6. The Man with a Little Jiggle in His Wiggle: According to Esquire, the best bet for this man is bold prints (And yes, I realize the guy in the photo does not have any jiggle in his wiggle, but our image gallery is limiting)

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