American Lung Assn.: Philly Air Is Dirty, But It Could Be Worse.

Via CBS Philly, we find a list that doesn’t seem to suggest that Philadelphia is the absolute worst place to live in the United States. Yay! The American Lung Association’s new State of the Air Report suggests our air is dirty—but that it could be much worse. It could be Pittsburgh’s!

On the list of metropolitan areas, ranked by their risk for “year-round particle pollution,” for example, Philadelphia ranks 11th—right behind Cincinnatti, a couple of steps behind Pittsburgh, and way behind a whole slew of California towns. And among the nation’s most ozone-polluted cities, Philadelphia ranks just 20th—tied with Oklahoma City.

What’s weird is how satisfying these rankings are. It’s not quite tourist-friendly, though: Philadelphia: We’ll Choke You To Death A Bit More Slowly Than Other Cities.