City Council Threatens to Subpoena Mayor Over AVI

Certain City Council members, frustrated at the at-times erroneous nature of the city’s new AVI property assessments, are asking the city to reveal their exact methodology.

Five houses in one block in my district are assessed in the aggregate of $3.2 million less than they sold for in the last few years,” [District 2 Councilman Kenyatta] Johnson said. “One house sold for $1.4 million in 2012 but [the Office of Property Assessment] assessed it at $700,000.”

I.e., What were you guys thinking?! Council President Darrell Clarke is threatening to use its subpoena power to review the city’s system, if the Nutter administration doesn’t release it themselves.”We want to know what formula was used, we don’t want to hear the traditional ‘it’s industry standards,'” Clarke said. A spokesman for the Mayor’s office says they’ll hand it over voluntarily. [Newsworks]