Public To Be Consulted, Disregarded On Comcast’s Pact With City

It’s that time of decade again: City Hall is now starting the process of deciding whether Comcast will continue to hold the cable TV franchise in Philadelphia when the company’s current agreement expires in 2015, and it wants the public’s input on whether and how that agreement should continue. Some pertinent facts:

• Yes, Comcast was just named the third-worst company in America during a braketed vote-off at the Consumerist website. However, to make the pro-Comcast argument, consider this:

• Look at the Philly skyline.

• Really look at it.

• See that big building?

• No, that one.

• The TALLEST one.

• Guess who built and occupied it?

• Do you really think there’s an argument in the world that would keep the city from re-granting Comcast the cable franchise? Still, rest assured that City Hall really, really wants to hear your complaints and thoughts about Comcast, if you have any. It just won’t, you know, make any difference. This is a company town!