Watch Ryan Howard on “The Office”

Last night, while live Ryan Howard was going 1-4 against the Braves, taped Ryan Howard was on The Office. Synopsis: Howard, playing himself, shows up to a sports marketing firm run by Jim and Darryl, ostensibly to work out a deal. Instead, he takes the meeting in a different direction, pitching an idea for a Hollywood movie: The Big Piece. The conceit: Howard, mild-mannered ball player, smacks a homer so far it gathers a coating of space dust. When it falls back into orbit, it smacks Howard right back, turning him into: The Big Piece (Howard’s nickname). As Howard puts it in a well-acted performance, it’ll be “half-biopic, half-superhero movie.” Kudos to the costume people too–Howard’s three-piece, fat necktie getup is quintessential dressy athlete.

Howard appears three times, at 5:40, 7:00, and 17:20.