Even in Jail, Vince Fumo Can’t Escape the IRS

You know Tax Day is coming up when the IRS is knocking on your jail cell, asking for $2.9 million. But such is life for ex-State Sen. Vince Fumo, serving 61 months in Kentucky for fraud. Ralph Cipriano reports:

On March 21, Fumo got a visit in prison from an IRS agent bearing a notice from Guadalupe N. Ortiz, acting area director of the agency’s Philadelphia office. The IRS was formally notifying Fumo that he was being hit with an extremely rare “notice of jeopardy assessment and levy,” which, including tax, interest and penalties, amounts to a bill for a total of $2.9 million.

Said Fumo’s lawyer, of South Philly: “Where I come from, they call this piling on.” [BigTrial]