Ah-Choo! Philly Is 25th-Worst City For Allergy Sufferers

Turns out all those red eyes around town aren’t from sad sports fans lamenting the latest Flyers/Eagles/Phillies/Sixers loss. CBS Philly reports that Philly has moved up five spots to No. 25 on a list of the nation’s worst cities for allergy sufferers. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation looked at pollen scores and medicine prescriptions in making the determination; last year’s mild winter lengthened the allergy season and helped move the city up the rankings. “Last year was a pretty strong year, so I think it will probably be similar in strength but different in timing,” said Bryn Mawr Hospital’s chief of allergy, Dr. Albert Rohr. “It’ll be later and go longer.” Our colleagues at Be Well Philly take a look at the study and note: “We apparently have average pollen counts, but our allergy-meds usage is higher than the norm. Our pollinating trees include red cedar, hackberry, elm, willow and poplar.”