Guy at the End of the Bar: Greg Meckstroth

The 28-year-old urban designer reveals what turns him on, what he "geeks out on" and his secret celebrity crush.

G Philly: What are your interests?
Greg Meckstroth: I’m obsessed with urbanism, city planning, and architecture. That’s what I geek out on. And I like to play tennis.

GP: What turns you on?
GM: Emotional intelligence. And, of course, a guy who’s good-looking. I’m attracted to guys who are five-nine, dark hair, fit.

GP: Five-nine? That’s pretty specific.
GM: I’ve just found that I tend to date guys shorter than I am. This is what happens when you’re single, you figure it out. Though it’s not absolute — I have dated taller than me!

GP: Turn-offs?
GM: If I meet someone at a bar, even if he’s hot, but we start talking and it’s clear we have nothing to talk about, I lose interest. Also, if he isn’t sarcastic or is too serious.

GP: Complete this phrase: When it comes to sex, I …
GM: Want more of it. [laughs]

GP: Tell me about one of your best dates.
GM: I’ve had a lot of mediocre dates. [laughs] But for our six-month anniversary, my first boyfriend planned a walk through a historic neighborhood, because he knew I was into all of that. That did it for me.

GP: What celeb do you think is hot that your friends wouldn’t?
GM: Shia LeBeouf. I think he’s really cute, in a dorky way. Every time I say that, people think I am out of my mind.

GP: What would surprise people about you?
GM: I’m fluent in American Sign Language. And I used to do adult gymnastics. I can do some really crazy flips and things.

GP: Seems like a good marketing tool.
GM: Exactly. I know how to throw my body around.

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