Meet The Guy Who Tried Robbing Girl Scouts

This is Jevon Michael Avis. He’s a 31-year-old man. The reason there’s a mugshot available of Avis is because he was arrested in January.

After trying to rob Girl Scouts at a Pathmark store in Berwyn. And finding the job more difficult than he anticipated. Turns out he tried grabbing the cashbox from the sale of Girl Scout cookies at the store—and a 10-year-old scout hung onto the box, tenaciously. Avis managed to get away, however, with a whopping $28 in Girl Scout money.

He was caught in the crime only after being picked up in another case,a series of snatch-and-grab thefts in Cumberland County. The Delco Times reports:

According to testimony provided from Det. Brian Hughes, when Tredyffrin police learned about Avis’ arrest in Cumberland County, he and Det. Kristin Lund of West Whiteland Police Department traveled to Cumberland County Prison in Carlisle and interviewed Avis. Hughes testified that Avis admitted to having taken the money from the Girl Scouts because he thought it would be easy.

In his testimony, Hughes said police have an audio recording of Avis admitting to the theft from the Girl Scouts. According to the testimony, after first seeing the girls Avis then went to his car, parked it behind the Pathmark store and went back to where the girl scouts were selling the cookies.

Sounds like the Girl Scouts actually kind of held their own. And it sounds like Avis might be going away for awhile. Nonetheless, here are some options for him to resume his criminal career he exits prison someday. Here’s a brief, non-all-inclusive list:

• Taking candy from babies.

Actually, that’s about it. Robbing Girl Scouts is pretty low on the list of low crimes. We’re sure it wil earny