Getting Your Money’s Worth? Corbett Highest-Paid Governor in the Country

Governor Tom Corbett, who makes $183,255 a year, is the highest-paid governor in the country. It’s unclear, however, if he’s really making as much as all that. In 2010, he promised he wouldn’t accept pay raises beyond the $174,915 base salary he started with, vowing to return any extra cash to the state treasury. If that was the case in 2012, then he would have made slightly less than Chris Christie, the sixth-highest-paid on the list. However, according to a Right to Know request filed by the Harrisburg Patriot-News, it was impossible to tell if Corbett had been returning the money, as that information was redacted from the filing. So either he’s the highest-paid and among the most dishonest, or the seventh-highest paid, and among the most generous. [PA Independent]