Roach Infestation Brings Quick End To Atlantic City Bus Ride

Hey, remember that scene in the early 1980s movie Creepshow, where the old man who loved cleanliness and hated bugs ended up being killed by thousands and thousands of roaches, his body filled with them in a final ironic denouement to his sad, overly sterile life? Why do we mention this?

No reason:

A Greyhound bus bound for New York City and believed to be infested with roaches had to pull over and evacuate Friday.

The bus was carrying 48 people, and an unknown number of roaches when it left Atlantic City at 10 a.m., according to Greyhound.

“Once the driver became aware of the situation, the driver followed procedures by pulling the bus over to a safe location and notifying our dispatch office,” Greyhound spokesman Timothy Stokes said.

NO, NO, I  said I wanted to ride in COACH, not ride with a ROACH!

We have exclusive video of the bus interior: