Penn Staters: Tweet Your Campus Sins Using “PSU Confesses”

Penn State alumni can be a nostalgic bunch, celebrating their alma mater by tailgating at football games, sharing stories at reunions, and even storming trustee meetings! So rarely, however, to they get to relive the debauched State College lives many of them lived. Well, here’s one new way to get your vicarious kicks: “PSU Confesses,” a twitter account through which anonymous students (or anyone, really) can post their deepest, darkest campus secrets. Here are some representative confessions.

The account, which launched Tuesday, works thusly: You send your message to this website, some enterprising moderator (presumably a Penn State student) decides if it’s worth posting, and presto, you’ve confessed to the world. It’s an interesting inversion on the old confessional model, in which a person familiar to you (your priest) would hear you out in confidence. Now, millions of people could conceivably read your confession without knowing who you are. Perhaps something for Pope Francis I to consider as he attempts to usher his Church into the 21st century.