WATCH: Modern Dance Amongst the Shelves at the Free Library of Philadelphia

This new video from Vimeo user Haylee Warner depicts dance among the shelves at the City Institute branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, the smallish outpost located across the street from Rittenhouse Square. Warner explains: ” I was shelving books everyday in the Dewey Decimal system and found myself pondering where humans fit in the world, where we find ourselves in life and how do we know where we belong. Every book had its place in the library down to the .7564 M34k. But how did that work with people? Through my 4 month exploration of this question I found that we belong where we put ourselves, sometimes we don’t know why we are somewhere in our life, but feeled compelled to be there.” Pretty heady stuff, but also soothing, like a library should be. Then again: Where were the librarians to say “shhhhh!” in all of this?

Library dance from Haylee Warner on Vimeo.