Bernard Hopkins Wants to Knock Out Donovan McNabb

That's what 10 years and no Super Bowls will get you. Plus, the 52-6-2 fighter talks Scarface, branzino, and the hard time he spent in Graterford Prison.

Legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins talks to Philadelphia magazine

My name is … Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. My other nicknames are “B-Hop” and “Nard.”

I am a … champ.

I grew up in … North Philly.

Islam is … the backbone of my life that I stand on.

My usual breakfast is … egg whites and an eight-ounce chicken breast with fresh-squeezed orange juice.

I am still doing this because … I love the game.

To get ready for this fight … I have to go back to why I’m here. I have to go back to continuing to show that I am different. Before the chapter and the curtains close.

Once this one is over … I’m going to be taking a vacation to Florida. Miami. I got a place at 47th and Collins down there, next to the Fontainebleau.
I drive a … G Wagon G550 Mercedes.

When I want to chill out … I listen to jazz music.

The last time I had a drink … was when I was sentenced to five to 15 years in the state penitentiary at Graterford. That was 1984, and it was a Mad Dog 20/20. You can start a car up with that stuff. In fact, I once started a mini-bike up with it.

My time at Graterford taught me … never to go back.

The best movie ever made is … Scarface. Those Cubans that were let out by Castro were the worst criminals that the Cubans didn’t want. The people that they put on those boats changed Miami forever. Good or bad.

To the young guys making the same mistakes I made … I say think twice. Then think three times. And then four.

When I have a reason to celebrate, I go to … La Veranda. Been going there 20 years. And Radicchio at 4th and Wood, for the branzino and Chicken Soprano. They know me. My picture will be on the wall there soon.

Money is … power.

People would be surprised to know that I … love to cook. If the weather is nice, I do a lamb on a wood-fired grill.

In my house, I do all the … talking.

My wife does all the … not listening.

The greatest boxer ever was … Sugar Ray Robinson. He did things
that neither I nor the many that came before me and will come after me will duplicate. Certain athletes can never be duplicated, and Ray Robinson was one of those athletes.

If you step into the ring with me … you had better bring your A-game. Plus.

My friends are always telling me … they need money.

One non-boxer I’d like to knock out is … Donovan McNabb. We wasted 10 years on that guy. We could have had the Super Bowl. Now, it doesn’t look like we’re getting one in my lifetime.