Did WHYY Cause the Super Bowl Blackout?

First we learn that the company that manages the Superdome is based in Conshohocken. Now, it seems little old WHYY may have been at the center of the blackout brouhaha. Let the likely culprits tell you themselves:

To hear [WHYY Reporter Tom] MacDonald tell it, he was just getting back into the building after Beyonce’s halftime show when he plugged in an extension cord outside the Niners locker room and flipped the switch on the equipment.

“And the room goes dark,” he said.

By “room” he means half of an arena holding more than 71,000 people, with the eyes of an international audience fixed upon it.

Coincidence? WHYY pleads innocence. “The thing that tells me that it wasn’t me, because everybody was looking at everybody else was that the power I was plugged into was still up even though the light was off.” You’re going to trust that testimony? You know who said that? Tom MacDonald. Yeah. [WHYY]