Tonight: Meet the New Gay Board Members of Young Involved Philly

Plus: The Temple Association of Black Journalists summons Fame and Destiny's Child karaoke at Tabu!

Introducing G Philly’s daily roundup of what’s happening later this evening.

Young Involved Philadelphia (YIP) is hosting its first happy hour of 2013 to introduce the group’s new board of directors. Three out members will join the group this year, including performance artist and Here’s My Chance community curator Rudy Flesher. Few would disagree that Flesher is one of our community’s busiest LGBTQ activists, but he says being involved with YIP provides him an opportunity to “be visible in non-LGBT specific organizations,” as well. “The issues that YIP addresses, including sustainability, education, the economy and local politics, are no more straight than they are LGBT, and YIP is the single best organization for young Philadelphians to interact with if they want to be connected, engaged, and represented in their city.” Congrats and good luck with your new gig! 6 p.m., free, Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant, 247 S. 17th St.

The Temple Association of Black Journalists is holding auditions for their upcoming talent showcase, FAME, so summon your best Irene Cara and let her fly. Or just be a spectator. I’m sure watching the tryouts will be all kinds of entertaining. Those who make it will perform on Feb. 22. A portion of the proceeds from that evening will benefit nonprofit youth-literary-crisis defeaters, the Mighty Writers. 6 p.m., free, Howard Gittis Student Center, Temple University.

In honor of last night’s powerhouse Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl, Sing Your Life is hosting Beyonce + Destiny’s Child Karaoke. The first 10 people to sing a song by one or all of Destiny’s children will get one of the bar’s specials, $2 PBR pounders and $5 Absolut cocktails, for free. Can I request “Work It Out?” The guy in the video above tears it up (when the song eventually starts at 1:24). Do it just like that. 9 p.m., free, Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar, 200 S. 12th St.

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