Pittsburgh 6-Year-Old Tries to Drive Car Across Town to See Her Dad

A six-year-old-girl managed to avoided injuring anyone when she attempted to drive across town in her mother’s car to visit her dad yesterday morning. At about 9 a.m., while her mom was still sleeping, she snatched the car keys, climbed in, and managed to hit two parked cars before bumping into a utility pole herself. Then her dad came and rescued her.

Three questions: 1. How did she learn to start a car? 2. How did she reach the pedal? 3. How long until Fox News turns this story into a parable about the importance of mommies and daddies living together? (The report doesn’t specify, but I can only assume the parents were separated, if the girl’s dad was on the other side of town at 9 a.m.) [AP]