Tom Corbett Unveils LCB Privatization Plan; Says it Will Generate $1 Billion for Schools

Today Governor Tom Corbett released his highly-anticipated plan to privatize state liquor stores, claiming the extra money reaped by the state will provide $1 billion for schools. (Hm, exactly the number he’s cut from public and higher ed in two years.)

The plan that he first promised during his 2010 campaign would bring in as much as $1 billion through the liquidation of 619 state stores and the sale of licenses to private retailers. Beer, which distributors can sell by the case and bars can sell in six packs, would become available in groceries stores with wine. Corbett said the money would be used to create a Passport for Learning block grant to distribute to public schools.

Though certain of Corbett’s privatization gambits (see: Lottery) haven’t proved incredibly popular, this one seems like more of a winning issue for the embattled governor. The LCBs are generally a pain in the neck for consumers, and what’s more, have recently come under fire for some reprehensible self-dealing. [Tribune-Review]