Finally, the Wait Is Over. Philly Getting a “Bikini Basketball” Team.

Women’s basketball enthusiasts in Philadelphia have long been calling for a team to call their own. Well this probably isn’t what WNBA fans had in mind. Beginning on June 1st, the Philadelphia Diamonds of the “Bikini Basketball Association,” or,  “The League for Sexy Athletic Ladies” will kick off their inaugural season. The league has six teams, sporting suggestive names like the Miami Spice and the Atlanta Peaches.

You know who’s not going to show up to watch these games? Other women. You know who will? Dudes. Tryouts begin February 9th from 2:30-5pm, at the Finley Recreation Center at Upsal & Mansfield Aves. Required: “Players must wear SPORTS BRAS and shorts, and bring a bio and/or resume,” according to the Diamonds’ Facebook page. Below, some video from the Miami Spice tryouts in October. One representative quote from an aspiring player: “Men want to be dressed when they play ball; women want to be half-naked!” []