Looks Like Exterminator Charged With Center City Murder Got Good Reviews on Angie’s List

Dave Bilyk Exterminators is in the midst of a catastrophically bad PR week, after one of its subcontractors, Jason Smith, confessed to murdering a woman in her Center City home. That said, the Newtown-based company has racked up some pretty impressive user reviews. Seven of eights Yelp users gave Bilyk “Five Stars,” while 20 of 26 Angie’s Listers awarded the pest man an “A.” Two Angie’s List reviews even recommended the services of “Jason,” an employee Bilyk would occasionally dispatch in his stead.

June 4, 2012

Jason, the tech, arrived on time. He was very professional and very courteous to my pets. He was very responsive and listened to my questions. He also made me feel better about my “problem”. The initial service took 20 minutes and was $125.  Follow ups will be around $45. The best part is I can schedule my follow ups when I think I need them! I would aboslute [sic] recommend this company.

June 27, 2012:

Jason, the tech, couldn’t have been more professional — he was extremely courteous; he listened to my concerns, answered all my questions and arrived with all the necessary equipment — he was in and out, the job completely finished within 30 minutes of starting. He completely sealed up all the holes in and around my kitchen and even went down into the basement and set out both sticky traps and standard mouse traps. He asked me multiple times if there was anything else I needed/wanted him to do. I couldn’t be happier with the response time and the efficiency of the work done — if I ever need an exterminator again, I know exactly who I will be calling!

For what it’s worth, the two reviews sound mighty similar, so there’s no guarantee Jason wasn’t simply giving himself good marks.