Pabst Blue Ribbon Might Just Save Twinkies from Oblivion

These are a few of our favorite things…Fear not, lovers of Hohos and Twinkies, the beloved, beleaguered, bankrupt brand Hostess may soon be resuscitated by a company whose signature product is equally cheap, delicious, and (actually) addictive. The owner of Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced his intention to buy and rescue Hostess’s “cakes division”, which filed for bankruptcy late last year. Meanwhile, closer to home, Tastykake owner Flowers Foods is the frontrunner to take over Hostess’s “non-cake” division (Wonderbread, etc.).

While things looked dire mere months ago for the American staple, a revived Hostess run by Tastykake and Pabst seems like a recipe for good times. Think: late night Hostess food trucks, or signature Hostess bakeries with liquor licenses. [PBJ]