He’s Doing It! Corbett Plan to Privatize State Liquor Stores Imminent

Says the Inquirer of the plan: “It will be big, and it will be bold.” Corbett, fresh off a completely non-controversial and universally loved plan to privatize the lottery, is ready to privatize again.

The governor and his team are sending strong signals that they want the system squarely in private hands, and that they are leaning toward opening up the wine and beer market to grocery stores, convenience stories, restaurants and taverns, and big-box stores.

The governor’s plan would reportedly call for 2,000 retail outlets, divided between beer distributors that would sell wine, liquor, and beer, and all other stores, which would sell wine and beer only. He’s going to unveil the proposal before his budget presentation of February 5th. It’s too bad really–the century old state store system tied in so nicely with Constitution Center’s current exhibit on Prohibition. Isn’t it worth putting up with a dreadfully inconvenient system to be able to literally live this city’s history? [Inquirer]