If It Ain’t Broke, Privatize It: Corbett to Hand Over Lottery to British Firm

A week after a report found that Pennsylvania’s state-run lottery was raking in record profits (eclipsing last year’s then-record profits), Governor Corbett has announced his intention to hand the management of the lottery over to a British-run gaming company. AFSCME Council 13, which represents 170 lottery employees, and several state representatives, have already sued Corbett to block the proposal. Treasurer Rob McCord is none too pleased about the plan either (could make for a good campaign issue, to boot). The Corbett administration claims that under private management, the lottery will bring in even higher profits to help pay for senior services, as the state’s elderly population ages. The weirdest thing about the already weird situation? The hearing to hash out the pros and cons of the proposal is scheduled for 10 A.M. today, meaning the two sides will essentially be lobbying the governor to make a decision he’s already made. [Inquirer]