Razzies Nominate 5 Worst Movies of 2012

The 33rd annual Razzie award nominations were announced today, and the losers are:

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
That’s My Boy
A Thousand Words
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

You might be able to name 1,000 things that were terrible about the final Twilight movie (and you better start with that CGI baby head), but I’m still thankful it gave us this post: “9 Possible Surprise Endings for Twilight (With Pictures)” and Doogie Horner’s illo of a Twilight/Fifty Shades of Grey mashup. A Thousand Words landed Eddie Murphy on Post contributor Aaron Mettey’s Biggest Losers of 2012 list. And, finally, if you managed to spare yourself the kid flick Oogieloves, here’s Pete Croatto’s “The Oogieloves, a Guide: Watching the Biggest Box Office Fail of All Time,” in which he notes that kids who saw this movie in 2012 will become “teenagers … very confused about why they get aroused whenever they see a square.” [Razzies]