Tonight: Movie Mondays at Valanni

The Wash West mainstay kicks off a weekly movie night/dance party with Showgirls.

In 1995, Showgirls set an all-time record for Razzie Award nominations — earning (sometimes multiple) nods in all 11 categories. It ended up taking home seven of those suckers, including Worst Picture, Worst Director (Paul Verhoeven) and Worst Actress (Elizabeth Berkley). Perhaps that’s part of the reason it’s gone on to become one of our favorite worst films ever, or maybe we see a little of ourselves in the classic rags-to-riches tale about a frizzy-headed Saved By the Bell has-been who claws her way to the top of the stripper-pole trade. Whatever the case, it’s terribly fabulous and we should never turn down the opportunity to see it just one more time.

Lucky for us, it’s screening tonight at Valanni to kick-off the upscale watering hole’s new weekly watch-a-film-then-dance bash, Movie Mondays. Host and local gay scenester James Patrick Carminati says he started the event to “create a fun weekday party atmosphere and try something that isn’t happening in the Gayborhood right now.” To get your heckling juices flowing, “Goddess” cocktails will be served throughout the film’s 128-minute runtime. When it wraps up you can show off some of your Nomi Malone-inspired moves during a dance set by DJ Drootrax. Don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in your own cuteness, though: “There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.” 9 p.m.-2 a.m., free with purchase of drink at the bar, Valanni, 1229 Spruce St.


If you can’t stomach Showgirls, Sara Sherr is hosting Movie/Showtunes/TV Themes Karaoke in the Gayborhood. 9 p.m., free, Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar, 200 S. 12th St.