Style: Would You Be Caught Dead in Meggings?

Plus: Three new underwear brands for 2013.

In this video from ABC News, a group of beefy guys (and a few twink-y gays) try on meggings (leggings for men, if you’e wondering) and weigh in on whether or not they could see themselves wearing them day to day. I have to admit, they all look pretty hot — especially the guy who admits to going commando. The trend doesn’t seem to have hit Philly that hard yet, but, like most things, it’s up to us gays to initiate new waves in style. What say you? Should we slip into a pair and get this thing going?

With the help of The Underwear Expert, Queerty reveals three underwear brands to look out for in 2013. On the list (and in photos!) is a Speedo-looking line from VanWolff (available this spring), the British Armed Forces-approved Urban Active and a thick-wasitbanded line of briefs and low-rise trunks from Vancouver’s Garçon Model.

And on the Philly tip, Project Runway season 1 winner Jay McCarroll has begun an Instagram account. Follow @jaymccarroll to stay updated on what the local gay fashion icon has in store for his next collection. As of yet, there’s not a megging in sight.