Mummers Finally Apologize…Not for Racism

Every year the Mummers do stuff that seems really racist to some and ohwateva innocuous to others. But this year, the outcry was fiercer than ever after one skit managed to insult both Indians and Native Americans. Cowed by the backlash, the Mummers have finally apologized! Wait, what’s that I’m hearing? Ah, no, they haven’t. Instead, one umbrella-toting troupe–the Froggy Carr Wench Brigage–has said sorry for what in some circles passes for an even greater crime: holding up the parade. Due to their shameless, gratuitous, not un-amusing camera-mugging, the Froggies basically held up the entire procession for 20 minutes. So here it is, the official, historic act of contrition: “I want to apologize.” — Captain Joe Renzi. [Daily News]