Throwing Shade at Delta Burke — and Philly

Two queens imagine Miss Sugarbaker at a sleepover.

One of my favorite new discoveries is Throwing Shade, a weekly podcast on which nut-ball hosts Erin Gibson (aka Feminasty) and Brian Safi (aka Homosensual) discuss current issues pertaining to women and gays “and treat them with much less respect than they deserve.” If you haven’t listened, you should start with Episode #56. This particular offering chronicles their adventures in Philly following their recent live-podcast recording at the Arts Bank and the subsequent filthy surprise that awaited them in their unnamed local hotel room. For shame!

If you ask me, Safi makes the podcast. He has a knack for dishing on hot topics important to all of us, but with a sense of humor that’ll make you pee yourself. His impersonations are hilarious — especially when he lights into his cohost as Julia Sugarbaker. Speaking of Designing Women, check out this vid he just released via his YouTube project, “What Do You Think _________ Does At A Sleepover?” He and cohost Jeffrey Self  imagine what an overnighter with Delta Burke (and special guest Gwyneth Paltrow, apparently) would be like. Hint: There would be lots of dancing and fancy ankle socks!

Then go subscribe to Throwing Shade on iTunes. You’ll love it.