Ed Rendell’s Calling Everybody Wusses Again

Ed Rendell, in his book A Nation of Wusses, calls out politicians for their cowardice on gun control. Today, he reprises the act in a Daily News column (“Listen, wusses: It’s time for new gun laws”) that reiterates what he told the Patriot-News last month: 1. Ban possession of assault weapons (including the kind used at Sandy Hook, which wouldn’t have been covered by the ban that expired in ’04); 2. Ditto for high-capacity magazines; 3. Close the gun-show loophole; 4. Ban internet gun sales; 5. Mandate better mental health reporting. What’s different now is that Rendell is asking U.S. Representatives Charlie Dent, Pat Meehan, Jim Gerlach, and Mike Fitzpatrick, along with Sen. Pat Toomey (all Republicans who haven’t commented on such proposed changes) to write in to the Daily News to yea or nay his plan. “We the people have the right to know your answer now,” he wrote. [Daily News]