Christie Eviscerates House GOP Over Sandy Aid

This afternoon, Chris Christie held a press conference for the sole purpose of berating House Republicans, who refused to vote on (let alone approve) a Hurricane Sandy relief bill last night. Here’s a representative sample of Christie’s vitriol, tweeted by some staffer, as the spittle flew from his mouth.

And here are a few more to savor:

  • There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: The House Majority and their Speaker, John Boehner.
  • Unlike people in Congress, [governors] have actual responsibilities.
  • At the moment, I wouldn’t be looking to do much for House leadership.
  • I believe that they are so consumed with their own politics that they’ve forgotten that they have a job to do.
  • 66 days and counting. Shame on you. Shame on Congress.

[CBS News]