A Compilation of Depressing Fiscal Cliff Headlines

The most monotonous story of 2012 goes to…the “Fiscal Cliff.” Ever since Barack Obama’s re-election (and the whole Susan Rice thing), the dominant Washington story has been about the negotiations to avert the “fiscal cliff,” the set of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to kick in tomorrow. Today, as in the last two months, and past two years, no compromise has been reached. Instead, here’s a list of newspaper headlines written in the past few hours announcing that there’s nothing to report.

As Clock Ticks Toward Deadline, Still No Fiscal Cliff Deal [NBC]

Cliff’s Edge Draws Close [WSJ]

Hours from Fiscal Cliff, Still No Deal in Congress [Reuters]

No Deal as Fiscal Cliff Nears [Washington Times]

2 Sides in Talks Inch Closer, But No Fiscal Deal on Final Day [NYT]

Hours Left and Still No Fiscal Deal [Newsworks]

With Clock Ticking, Still No Deal To Avert Fiscal Cliff [LA Times]

Biden, McConnell Continue ‘Cliff’ Talks as Clock Winds Down [WaPo]

Talks Continue as Fiscal Cliff Deadline Looms [US News & World Report]