Boehner’s Fiscal Cliff Plan Crashes and Burns

In a moment of high Capitol Hill drama last night,  John Boehner tried and failed to get the House of Representatives to pass his “Plan B” proposal, which would have raised tax rates on millionaires in exchange for entitlement cuts. The House GOP refused, embarrassing Boehner. Put another way, the House GOP signaled it would rather have tax rates rise on everyone, if and when we go over the fiscal cliff on January 1st, than solely on top earners. As if Boehner didn’t enough to worry about–like his reputation–there are now rumors that the House will try to replace him with someone more conservative. Now that the lower chamber has gone home for Christmas break, there are six days to strike a deal before automatic tax hikes and spending cuts kick in. [Washington Post]

Some pundits and journalists speculated that along with the plan, the entire GOP apparatus had crumbled.